Worship with Us

The Service.  At Cross of Christ, you will find a worship service designed to praise God and enrich our faith.  Our goal is to worship God who created and saved us – our hope is not to intimidate or confuse through rituals or customs.  Our service reflects our deep respect for God because he is holy and without sin – deserving of our honor and praise.  Our intention is never to be aloof, but always to clarify – never to complicate, but always to simplify.  Music’s role is not to create emotion but to carry our joy and emotion that overflows from God’s many promises, forgiveness and incredible love.  Words like “contemporary” and “traditional” are dangerous words to use because their definitions are not consistent in use or understanding.  Cross of Christ is respectful, educational and orderly.  Most would say our worship style falls on the traditional side of middle ground. Attire is a personal matter.  When a person dresses out of respect for God, the choice of dress is acceptable to God… and us.  Casual or formal, we dress with respect, reverence and the knowledge that God accepts us as we are.


The Message.  Our worship services center around God and his Word.  In John 10, Jesus says, “My sheep listen to my voice.”  In Romans 10 we read, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.”  In worship then, to honor our Savior and to enrich our faith, we meditate on God’s Word as it is read, sung and proclaimed in a message (devotion, sermon).  At Cross of Christ our messages reflect these basic truths:

1.)    We have sinned against God and deserve his punishment.

2.)    God’s mercy is infinitely greater than our sin, and He has freely forgiven our sins by taking our punishment for us and crediting us with His holiness and perfection (through faith).

3.)    As we Christians apply these first two truths to our lives, we are motivated to give thanks to God and love him in return for his love shown to us in Jesus.  God teaches us very practical ways to live for Him every day.  God also gives us incredible promises and special comforts to guide and bless us in our daily tasks. 

All these points are shared each week in practical messages for all people.


Children in Church.  Our congregation enjoys the “worshiping family.”  In fact, our worship often includes a “children’s message” with little ones in mind.  Also, “children’s bulletins” are available upon entry.  So, children who act-up are never viewed as a bother to our worship service.  However, parents who want to calm a restless child may do so by walking them in the back lobby.  The message can be heard on our lobby sound system and the service can be viewed through glass windows in the lobby.  Additionally, we provide a staffed childcare during our LATE worship service (11AM ONLY) for children 5 and under.  Parents who choose to make use of this service may proceed to our nursery/preschool room for check-in.  It is the first room on the left in the hallway at the back of our lobby.  Our staff will assist from there.


The Offering.  Our members give an offering during worship services as an expression of our thanks for God’s amazing love.  Visitors are our guests.  When the offering plate is passed, no one will be made to feel obligated or expected to give an offering – this is entirely the worshiper’s choice.  Everyone fills out a basic “Worship Card” found in their bulletin, those are placed into the offering plate as well.  If visitors are comfortable leaving this record of their visit – we always appreciate it.

Before and After.  We invite everyone to make themselves at home.  If you like coffee or tea, you’ll fit right in at Cross of Christ.  Before and after our services, we join together in the lobby for coffee and conversation.  We would love to have you join us! 

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He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all – how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? ~ Romans 8:32