Bible Information Class

Does the Bible Really Say…

… Christianity is the only way to God? That Jesus actually claimed to BE God? That there are meaningful differences between all these different Christian churches? That God has expectations of me? Of my life? That God has necessary information to share about sex & marriage? Government? 
There’s so much God has to say about each of these topics…and more!
What is the class?  We host it twice each year. Class makeup is nearly always an even mix of current members at Cross of Christ who are looking for a “spiritual refresher” and people who simply have a desire to know more about the Bible, this church, or are interested in joining it. Class sizes change each year but are generally between 15-30 people. The content of this course covers the basic teachings of the Bible and provides the opportunity to answer any other questions you might have.
What is our promise?  We will never make you feel silly for your questions. We will never put you on the spot. We’ll use pre-printed bible references (so don’t worry if you’re lost finding your way in the Bible) and PowerPoint slides as we let God’s word do all the talking.  It's an excellent spiritual refresher for long-time Christians and the perfect Bible basics 101 course for beginners.  The best part – God’s the one who really makes a PROMISE: when you spend time with his wonderful words and truths – you WILL be blessed!
We promise - THERE ARE NO STRINGS ATTACHED to the class!  Feel free to pop in the first night and if you decide this just isn't for you, you can quit without anyone making you feel guilty. Even if you decide to finish the class we don’t have any expectations – you don’t have to join our church.  In other words, try it for 2-3 weeks … you can always step away from the class without having to defend your decision to do so.  It’s a win-win offer.  There’s no cost to the class - free childcare every night - hot coffee – and fresh snacks provided too!
We’d love to share this time with you.

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Course Topics:
Lesson 1:       Jesus’ Resurrection – The Foundational Fact For Our Faith
Lesson 2:       Jesus’ Unique Message – Heaven, How To Get There, What’s The Cost?
Lesson 3:       Jesus’ Unique Person – Why ONLY He Can Save Me!
Lesson 4:       Faith – Where Does It Come From?  (w/Review of Christian Denominations)
Lesson 5:       The Bible – The Most Wonderful Book
Lesson 6:       Baptism – A Wonderful Gift From Jesus For All Nations
Lesson 7:       Lord’s Supper – A Wonderful Gift From Jesus To His Church
Lesson 8:       The Wonderful God Behind These Wonderful Actions  (Creat. vs. Evol.)
Lesson 9:       Christians Worship Their Savior Privately and Publicly  (1, 3)
Lesson 10:    Christians Are Careful With Their Public Praise  (2 Witnessing, Fellowship)
Lesson 11:    The Christian And Family Life  (4, 6 Marriage, Divorce, Sexuality, Children)
Lesson 12:    The Christian And Society  (4, 5, 7, 8 Authority, Human Life, Our Neighbor)
Lesson 13:    The Christian And Money  (7, 9, 10 Blessings, Management, Cautions)

Make-up lessons are available upon request should you need to miss a class; while it’s not expected or pushed on anyone – church membership can be explored by any non-member upon completion of the course; Bible/doctrine questions are welcomed inside or outside of class!


For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them. ~ Matthew 18:20